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  • Invoker

  • 2 Hours Invoker Training / 3 Games
  • 39.90 Euro

    Available in German/English / Lifetime Dota 2 Support / Teamspeak or Skype required! / Tips and Tricks on how to improve your gameplay immediately






  • Vizconde

    Can´t hit arrow on a 5 second stunned hero. :D Just kidding he is the best.

  • Don´Troncat

    Master quickfinger! +++rep

  • Yağız Efe Vardarbaş

    Friendly and perfect Doto player!

  • Kael

    Im the real Kael. :P Very noob(pro) Invokerplaya.

About me

Information about me:


My name is Karl and im 22 years old from germany. I have spent 6500 hours (300 days) in Dota 2 and would like to share my knowledge if you are interested. I workout every day and learn new languages. That´s just my hobby.


..Dota 1/2 experience:


I´ve been playing Dota since Dota 1 and was always into Kael the Invoker since he is one of the most complex heroes out there in decisionmaking and he got a high skill cap.


Karl HeadsetHere is a picture of me. Just for the curious people who like to know how i look like.

100% Satisfaction Guarantee


I stand behind the quality of my coaching. If you’re not 100% satisfied, we’ll give you your money back! The Guarantee is valid for 30 days.